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A traumatic experience (psycho trauma) leads to splits in our identity when our emotional and physical capacity is insufficient, so that we find ourselves completely helpless and overwhelmed by a situation.


In order to survive we split off the event and its related emotions. This is an unconscious reaction which happens within seconds:


The trauma is moved to the unconscious. At the same time a strong survival part takes over to keep the trauma part blocked off. This part of ourselves is frozen and cannot develop and therefore we are missing an important part of ourselves.


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Circumstances that remind us of the traumatizing event: places, people, smells, feelings, music, etc. can trigger a reaction.


When we are triggered, we react inappropriately in that situation. We confuse the current situation with the threatening event of the past and it may become difficult for us to regain a clear head.


It is good to know that we always keep a healthy part. That part is clear, so that the person is able to take responsibility and to look for professional support in case he or she cannot cope with the problem on their own.


The intention method is a valuable tool for discovering the cause of our trauma. It can help to integrate our traumatized part(s). It is important to realize that this work is challenging. We need to take several steps in order to recognize and acknowledge our traumatization and come into contact with our traumatized parts. 


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