the iopt intention method works in a group... or one on one

Work in a group


The client states his intention. Then he chooses resonators for the relevant parts of his intention. The client can go into contact with the resonators one by one and the resonators utter the experiences of the parts or people they represent. Thus the client can see and feel the unknown cause of his concern. In groups German - English translation is available.


ADVANTAGE: People meet other people with problems similar to their own in a safe environment.

IoPT Practitioner, Franz Ruppert, Vivian Broughton, Who am I

Individual process


First the client states his intention. Then he chooses and positions markers as representatives. The client assumes the various positions of the objects and can experience the feelings represented in the self- encounter. Through the placement of the markers, the dynamics and the context of the relevant situation become visible and can be felt in a safe environment.


ADVANTAGE: Chance of working on an intention without the necessity of opening up to a group of strangers.