Resonance & the knowing field




Because the reason for chronic conflicts in relationships, chronic or acute physical problems, negative feelings and the inability to cope is often located in the unconscious and related to early traumatic experiences, it cannot be accessed easily. A self-encounter based on the intention-method can be a helpful approach.


With the intention-method we are able to explore the causes of manifold problems and conflicts. Usually the client chooses the representatives/resonators from a group of strangers.




How resonators can make statements surprisingly quickly and correctly about the person, event or symptom they represent and who/which they absolutely don’t know remains scientifically unexplored. One possible approach is the theory by British biologist Rupert Sheldrake assuming that so-called morphic resonance / the knowing field may allow access to personal information.

Over the years constellation works have shown that only information related to the present situation becomes accessible, it is always in relevance to the context of the question asked by the client.