Find your true identity

a glance into your past

Find the roots of your feelings with a glance into your past through biographical work. What you learn might astound you. And you might be positively surprised about your Self.

true identity, Identity Trauma, Traumabiography, Intention method

Try to answer the following questions spontaneously, without hesitation:


Who were the most important people in

your childhood and adolescence?
What were your favourite places?
What did you like to do most when you

were five, seven etc.?  

Did you have favourite stories or songs?

What about frequent appeals?

What were you afraid of?

Did you have medical treatment or operations?

Were you separated from your parents at a young age?


How do your answers correspond with your personal development or maybe with problems you experience today?


Biographical work challenges you to be your own biographer.


Anything you used to or still regard as important is part of your personality. Through this work you can become acquainted with your unknown Self, your true Identity. This broader picture can increase your awareness of hidden options.