constellation - How it works in a group...  or one on one...

Constellation in a group


The client states his concern. Then he chooses a representative for himself

and for other relevant people. The representatives utter the feelings of the

people they represent.The unknown cause of the client’s concern becomes


Eventually, the client assumes his part in the constellation. Then he can feel

the positive changes for himself.


ADVANTAGE: In a group constellation, clients have the advantage of

being able to observe themselves from an outside perspective.

One on one constellation


First the client states his concern. Then he positions chairs or other objects as representatives in the room. The client assumes the various positions of the objects and is able to understand the feelings represented in the constellation. Instead of objects in a room, the client can choose pawns or figures, which one places on a systemic board. Through the placement of the figures, the dynamics of the family or professional system become visible.


ADVANTAGE: Client’s advantage in a one on one constellation is the chance of achieving a positive solution without the necessity of opening up to a group of strangers.