constellations - symptom & cause

I want to lose weight.

How can I get rid of my irritating habit?

I really don't know why but I keep having trouble with ...

Why do I always pick the wrong man/woman?

For a long time I haven't been able to sleep well.

What is the reason for these awful back pains?

Years of suffering from migraines - I can't stand it any longer.

I cannot find a fulfilling job.

How can I become consistently successful in my profession?

Why is my child sick? Why does my child behave improperly?

Why do I get so scared when...

My ... died. How can I cope?




Over many generations we are connected to members and events in our family system. Dramatic situations, which our ancestors experienced like war, escape, displacement, attacks of all kinds, accidents, suicides, people who died young, miscarriage and abortion can affect our present day lives. A tragic event in the past can cause severe problems today. Constellations also show how we are deeply (and with great love) involved in family issues – no matter if we knew the person(s) concerned at all or if they are still alive.


The loyalty we keep to our family system and its mode of functioning is always there, unconsciously. To recognize and acknowledge this with love and respect is the first step on the path to remedy, well-being and vitality – to our SELF.