constellations - symptomS & cause

I want to lose weight.

How can I get rid of my irritating habit?

I really don't know why, but I keep having trouble with ...

Why do I always pick the wrong man/woman?

For a long time I haven't been able to sleep well.

What is the reason for these awful back pains?

Years of suffering from migraines - I can't stand it any longer.

I cannot find a fulfilling job.

How can I become consistently successful in my profession?

Why is my child sick? Why does my child behave improperly?

Why do I get so scared when...

What happened at my birth?

Did I suffer sexual trauma?

My ... died. How can I cope?




1. The identity-oriented trauma-therapy and theory (IoPT according to Franz Ruppert) and the intention-method put the focus on the client. IoPT allows the client to see his or her individual psyche, especially as pertains to early trauma.


Problems like the above mentioned can be an indication of early traumatic experiences. These experiences may cause us to lose the feeling for our identity, for our selves.

We ask ourselves:  Who am I, what do I want?


2. The systemic approach looks at the system out of which we come. We are connected over generations with the people and experiences in our family systems.  Exceptional emergency situations in the past such as war, attacks and punishments of all kinds, accidents, suicides, miscarriages and abortions can have lasting effects in our current lives.